Done! (And What’s Next)

Here are the final pics of my bralette.


More of the cups

Cup Closeup

The back

Inside Cups Closure


Closeup of the back. There’s a tiny gap between the sides, but I can live with it.

Back closure closeup

After wearing it around the house for a bit, I decided on some other structural changes for the next one. I want to add boning and an underwire. I realize that that makes it much more like a real bra and adds a lot more sewing time, but it’s the only way I’d feel completely secure. The straps are great (although I’ll make them wider next time), but I think they’re doing too much work supporting the bodice.

Now I have to figure out which project to do next.

I’m torn between 1. my newest obsession, swimwear; 2.  the often-mentioned, but never completed French Jacket; or 3. my Retro Bombshell Dress from Craftsy.

Candidate #1: I found this fabulous blog, Kitschy Coo and her amazing four part swimsuit tutorial. She covers everything from measuring yourself to constructing the swimsuit. Right after I finished reading it, I measured myself and starting dreaming of all the swimsuits I’ll be able to make. I haven’t settled on a single idea yet, but I’m definitely sticking to my retro theme. For those of you looking for a readymade retro swimsuit pattern, definitely check out Closet Case Files’ retro swimsuit. It’s a stunner and she did a sewalong on her blog to walk you through the tricky steps.

Candidate #2: I’m thinking a lot about (actually more like feeling guilty about) my French Jacket. I see the muslin and still manage to avoid working on it. I lost about 10 lbs since I’ve been working on it, so basically I need to do a good bit of alterations on it and it might just be easier to make a new one.

Candidate #3: I just found some really cute (and inexpensive) cotton fabric that I can use for the Bombshell dress. As usual, I’m going to have to do an FBA and I’d rather use this fabric before I use the black stretch cotton I bought. I figure you can never have too many Bombshell dresses. I already taped together and cut out the PDF pattern and prewashed the fabric so I’m ready to get to work.

So there it is. I’m still thinking, but I’ll be cutting into something within the next 48 hours.


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