Throwback Handbag

This probably won’t be a theme as I don’t have much “throwback” stuff, but I wanted to share one of my favorite creations: a snakeskin box bag.  I can’t even remember how many hours I spent on it, but I don’t regret a second.

It’s actually grey, but for some reason it’s photographing brownish.  Oh well.




This is the back. Then handle is pure sterling silver. A friend of mine who’s a jeweler bent it into the shape (Thanks Motti wherever you are!)


On the inside I made two lipstick holders and a small pocket at the front for business cards.




And a mirror at the top for discreet touch-ups.





And tiny feet so that the delicate snakeskin would be protected from spills, etc.IMG_8777






Unfortunately she’s never made it out of the house. Who knew snakeskin would be so hard to wear? I love her all the same though and she still makes me smile when I see her on my purse shelf.

Maybe I’ll wear her with my FINISHED coat!  Yes, it’s finally done and I’ve already worn it out to a wedding. I’ll post pics as soon as I take them, but that’s no small feat as I’ve discovered that the best light is in my bedroom and to take pics in there, I have to move my bed – not cute. But for you, I’ll make the sacrifice.