Finally, the Coat

So I’ve kept promising pictures, and finally here they are.  Once again, no model.  I’m kicking myself because I found a good quality tripod on one of those flyers people put up but I LOST the number – and it was the last piece of paper. Blech. The search continues.


My bound buttonholes


I wanted to line it in hot pink so that when the pocket was open, it would have a pop of color


I hemmed the sleeve lining and coat lining by hand


And the lining. I love satin, but does the camera have to pick up every single wrinkle?


So there she is.  I learned so much while working on this coat and I’m very proud of it. The only problem I have is that it snags on everything (you can see some of the threads on the left side of the coat in the first pic. I have to figure out a way to weave them back in.) However, that’s a pretty small complaint for a coat that I absolutely love wearing – and might I add, I look great in it too!


Coat Update! – Butterick 5824

She’s coming along nicely. I’m almost finished with the buttonholes (I have to wait until the lining is sewn in before I can make the buttonholes in the facing). Also, for the first time, I cut bias strips of fusible interfacing for the hem because that’s the way it was done in the instructions. My plan was to bag the hem, but it’s too short so after it’s stitched in and tacked at the waist and shoulders, I’ll attach it with thread chains. That’s what I get for not reading through the instructions before starting.

Anyhow it’s overcast today, but I took a couple of pics during the brief periods of sunlight.


Voila, the buttonholes!


Believe it or not, I’ve been pressing while I sew, but because my sewing area is so small that my coat keeps getting wrinkled. When I’m finished, I’ll give it a good pressing and steaming so it looks nice and crisp.