UFO: Alabama Chanin Skirt

I started this skirt in late 2013 before I got caught up in a bunch of other projects.




It’s a four panel skirt made from old black Hanes t-shirts. The pattern is from my Anna’s Garden stencil and the skirt pattern is from the Alabama Stitch book.


I airbrushed the design using a mix of black and white Createx paints. Unfortunately, I just mixed the grey randomly so I have no idea how to replicate this color. That’s also the reason why the grey is lighter in some areas of the skirt. I love it just the same though because it has a certain amount of charm and homemade-iness.


The design is backstitched with black embroidery thread.

IMG_2038 IMG_2036 IMG_2032

I’ve been working on it here and there, but with no plan. I will however use my newly instituted minimum hour policy to get it done. My biggest challenge now is where to allocate the time. I’m thinking about scheduling my projects throughout the week so I’ll have a chance to get a little bit done on each one. Something like Mondays/Wednesdays I’ll work on projects that just need to be finished; and Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays, I’ll work on ongoing projects.

I’m also calling a moratorium on beginning anything new for now. I have enough in queue to keep me busy for at least a month. I just hope nothing else catches my eye before February.


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