Miette Update

It usually takes forever for me to finish knitting projects because I usually just knit whenever I feel like it. However, with this project I’m trying something new: I committed to knitting ten rows a day until it’s finished.

When I made my commitment, the rows had fewer stitches so I finished them quickly. But I didn’t take into account that Miette is knit from the top down so the number of stitches actually increased significantly as I moved into the body. Now it’s taking much more time, but I’m sticking to it until the bitter end.

So here’s Miette at row 75 (I have to do 5 more rows later). The red yarn is waste yarn holding the sleeve stitches.


The beginning of the raglan sleeves



Some eyelet detail






Most of the sweater is stockinette stitch so it doesn’t require a lot of concentration until you get to the eyelet parts. I’ve been watching Justified while I knit. It’s like Breaking Bad set in Appalachia and, in true Elmore Leonard fashion, there’s no shortage of delightfully quirky characters and truly awful people double- and triple-crossing each other. You have to pay close attention because alliances change so quickly that it’s easy to get lost.

Now back to Miette. Once the body is done, I just have the sleeves, button bands and edging. At this rate, I should be finished knitting by the end of next week. Then its on to blocking. And I have to find some buttons.

I think I’m going to use this x-rows/day commitment on all my future knitting projects because it’s just enough to make progress, but not so much that I feel fatigued. Also seeing a project come together quickly is really motivating. I’m seriously considering making another Miette before spring, but I’m not sure which color to make. Any suggestions?


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