One Down, One to Go

Two week ago, I finished my first Alabama Chanin corset top and I’m very, very happy with it. As you know, it took much longer than I anticipated, but it was well worth all the effort. Remember when I didn’t like the Cretan stitch for this top? Well I changed my mind again because the plainness of the Cretan stitch doesn’t distract from the rest of the top.

IMG_0620 IMG_0589


IMG_0625 IMG_0622

I wore it this past weekend and it was sooo comfy. It also stretched a bit, but it still looked good.

Also, I finished most of my second corset top. (The pics are a bit overexposed, but I promise better next time. I’m still working on my photography skills.)

IMG_0614 IMG_0616


I just have to do the binding (using the Rosebud stitch for this one). Then I’ll have two (!) corset tops to wear this summer.

Once I’m finished with the white top, I’ll finish the beading and binding on this beauty.


I have to tell you that while I was making these tops, sometimes I felt like they’d NEVER get finished. Still, it was a lot of fun sewing things completely by hand and refashioning old t-shirts into something beautiful. I still have a stenciled skirt to work on after these tops and then I’ll probably go back to my sewing machine (at least for a little while) before I tackle my next Alabama Chanin project; I’d really love to make a long dress with applique.


2 thoughts on “One Down, One to Go

    • Aww, thank you! Unfortunately, shortly after I finished the white one, it didn’t fit because I lost some weight. Now I need to alter it a bit, but I’ll post the updated photo when I’m done.

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