Corset Tops, Alabama Chanin Style

I started putting the binding on the collar of my first corset top and was about halfway around when I decided I didn’t like how it looks. I used the Cretan stitch with the dark blue thread (the white thread is basting the binding to the top.)



I didn’t like it because it was just too angular and didn’t fit in with the feminine look of the top. So I put it aside while I hunted for a curvier stretch stitch. Enter the Rosebud stitch. It took a while to learn because I couldn’t find clear written instructions or a video, but I finally got it. I’m going to continue practicing before I use it on the binding, but I think the overall effect will be much better.

In the meantime I started a white on white corset top made from a couple of t-shirts from my local thrift shop. I’m using the reverse applique technique, so it’s made of two layers of t-shirt knit.


One of the things I was concerned about was marking the fabric. I always had problems with leftover marks on white fabrics, then I found out that some quilters were using Frixion pens. I use a Frixion pen in my planner because it’s erasable, but I had no idea it could be used to mark fabric. When I tested it, it worked beautifully. And it disappears when you iron it. I swear it’s like magic. Now, I also read that if the fabric gets really cold (like freezer cold), the marks will reappear, but this is a warm weather top so I went for it. And if the marks do reappear, I’ll just iron it again.

I also decided to use embroidery floss instead of thread to outline the shapes (I think that’s why it took forever to finish the first one – millions and millions of tiny stitches.) So far I’ve finished 1 of the 8 panels and I did it in just a few hours while watching Peaky Blinders on Netflix. Yeah, I was seriously thrilled to see how much faster it goes with the embroidery floss.

So that’s what I’ll be up to this week: finishing the binding on the old corset top and the embroidery on the new. I’m pretty happy with my progress on both and, more importantly, I think my mojo may have finally returned just in time for spring!

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