I feel like that friend that hasn’t called in forever, but then calls out of the blue and acts all cheery trying to deflect from the fact that they disappeared in the first place. Ugh. Awkward. But here I am.

Sure, I needed a break from blogging, but I didn’t think it would be this long. Truth is, I haven’t been doing much sewing lately. Okay, actually none except for a super simple stretch skirt last month. A lot has happened since my last post. Mostly good; some not so good, but I guess that’s life.

Initially I stopped because of my day job – video editing – but then I just couldn’t get motivated to make anything. I’d literally packed away my machine and every time I thought about sewing, I felt overwhelmed at the thought of having to set everything up again.
Now I have a couple of projects on my table. First up is the Alabama Chanin corset tank I started last fall. I finally dyed the cloth to make the binding and started stitching it on. When I tried it on a few months ago, it was so insanely tight that I could barely get into it. Once I got it over my head, it required a lot of wiggling, breath-holding and contortions to pull it down. And my efforts were not rewarded: it squeezed and flattened my D cups into a big round mass. It looked like I was trying to smuggle a loaf of peasant bread in my top. But now thanks to Shaun T, it fits – and creates perfect cleavage. Not too much, but enough to keep things interesting. I also have a black/charcoal skirt that I’ve been embroidering, but I may put it aside to work on another corset top. I really, REALLY want a white one now that I saw how great the blue one fits.

The other thing I’ve been thinking about is a chiffon skirt that – for now – exists only in my head. I think I saw a polka dot maxi skirt on Pinterest or something, but I can’t find the picture. The one I’m imagining is damn fabulous – a large circle skirt that billows in the breeze behind me. I might even hire someone to follow me around with a fan just to keep the effect going.

I’m also super excited because I found a place to sew straw again. I used to make and sell straw hats, but I put my machine in storage at my friend’s house – and he moved to Portland. A local milliner is letting me practice on his machine until I can get mine back (hopefully this summer when my friend comes home to visit.) Anyway, this is the first thing I made in years:

It’s the size of a doll hat and has a bunch of holes, but I’m sure I’ll be a lot better after more practice time. When I first sat at the machine, I couldn’t remember anything, but then muscle memory kicked in and I started playing with the straw to create different shapes (that’s why it looks more like a vase than a hat.)

Anyhow, I’ll be back soon with pictures of my finished corset top as well as progress pics from my next project – whatever that is.


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