Lessons in Beading

My bugle beads arrived quickly from Jewels a la Carte on Etsy. I ordered a few different colors to see how they look in person.


I wanted a blue-green to go with the print and while I didn’t get the exact color, the turquoise is close so I’m going to use those.

But first I had to learn how to bead.

My first problem was finding a needle. I have tons of needles, but the only one I could find that could go through the beads was a tiny quilting needle. Unfortunately it took 20 minutes to thread and I knew that I would be homicidal if I had to go through that hundreds of times. So I resolved to find my dream needle. As I was looking for my thimble, I came across these lovelies:


They’re perfect! Unlike the quilting needle, the eye is big enough to thread easily. They’re almost twice as long and feel great in my hand so they’re now my official beading needles.

I started making a little sample and immediately noticed that I need a beading glove. I can’t find a picture, but it’s basically a fingerless glove with double sided tape that holds beads so you can grab beads easily while you’re working. Who knew such a thing existed, right? Well after trying to pick up the beads from the table, it dawned on me that I should make it a priority. I have some spandex around here somewhere so that’s going on my list of projects.

In the meantime, I stuck a tape loop to my hand and got some beading done. So here’s my first row of beading. It’s not perfect, but I’m really proud of it. It was also a reality check: beading takes a long, LONG time (at least in the beginning) so plan accordingly.



A little bit closer


So now I just have to pull out the rest of the seams and bead them. Who knows, I might even do an oval around the logo.


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