Reverse applique top and a word about tools

First, let’s talk about tools.

Now Natalie (yes, I feel that I can call her Natalie since we’ve become so close in the last three weeks), says not to run out and buy all the supplies at once. I say poppycock! And tommyrot! And other colorful but obscure expressions! You see, I’m a tool junkie. I sometimes find tools that I don’t remember buying and worse, I don’t even know what they’re for. Oh well. Perhaps I’ll do a “Can you tell me what this is?” post one day. But I couldn’t wait to get my hands on an airbrush so I snagged one on eBay along with some Createx paints.

Here are my new friends:

Stencil Supplies

After seeing Emmely’s cardigan at Infectious Stitches, it dawned on me that I could dye my shirts any color I wanted. (It may seem obvious to you, but I assure you, it never crossed my mind.) I went out to the drugstore and bought a box of navy RIT dye. Visions of navy goodness danced in my head, but then I got greedy. I decided to dip dye the bottom layer and dye the top layer blue – but not navy blue. So of course it turned out blueish-grey. Also, I didn’t use a large enough basin, so the pieces have a tie-dyeish effect which I like. The only downside is that the edges of each piece curled up. Next time, I’m going to do all the dyeing before I cut.

This is an airbrushed piece, a dip-dyed piece and my first stitched piece.

Unstitched Dyed Stitched

Stitched Closeup

Stenciled piece with test stitches


I really love airbrushing. Now I just need to learn how to mix the colors I want and make enough to cover all the pieces of the garment. Twice I ran out and had to mix a new batch. Since I was guessing at the recipe, the color varied a bit. But I’m okay with making mistakes because that’s how I usually discover “happy accidents” that look better than I’d planned.


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