More AC Books and Some Stencils

After I bought Alabama Stitchbook, I knew I would order the other two: Alabama Studio Style and Alabama Studio Sewing + Design. I’m so glad I did.  A lot of the same basic information is in all the books, but each one also has a different set of patterns and projects so I think they’re all worth having.

Anyhow, I was eager to get started on my first project: the white on white corset inspired by Nixxi on Craftsy  (stunning right?), but I didn’t have a disappearing marker and I didn’t want to use any paint. So while waiting on my markers to arrive in the mail, I grabbed a couple of blue t-shirts and started making a different type of corset top.

Larsen's Corset Top
When I was finished stitching the entire top, I changed my mind about the design. Yes, after HOURS of hand sewing I decided that my fish market t-shirt needed some zhuzh-ing up with fancy beading. Two problems: 1. the seams have to be on the inside; and 2. I don’t have any bugle beads. Gah. So I’m going to undo the entire top and re-sew it while I wait for my beads from Etsy.

Corset Top- Larsen Closeup

But let’s also talk about a win –  my stencil cutting skills!

I cut two stencils in the past week. Each took about 2-3 hours with an x-acto knife. (Here’s a tip: don’t cut felt while wearing contacts. Trust me).

This is Anna’s Garden:

Anna Stencil Full

Those weird green patches are from the fluorescent paint that came with my airbrush. Long story.

A little closer:

Anna Stencil Medium

And this is Bloomers

Bloomers Stencil

I used Anna’s Garden on a top you’ll see in my next post and I was really happy with it.

To make the stencils, I printed out the pages on 8×11 paper and taped them together. Then I placed a large piece of felt on my cutting mat, sprayed the back of the taped sheet with some adhesive, laid it on the felt and started cutting. I went through 2 blades, but the cutting was pretty simple, if a bit tedious after a while. I still have about 3 more stencils to cut including Magdalena and Angie’s Fall, but first I want to actually finish one garment.


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