How A Sewing Break Helped Me To Get Excited Again

I started a new job (which I LOVE!!!) in May and I haven’t had much sewing time since then. To be honest, at that time my sewing mojo was suffering so I wasn’t worried about having to take a break. As a matter of fact, I think I needed one so I could regain my enthusiasm. During my “break” I read other blogs and wondered how people kept their excitement about sewing month after month and sometimes year after year. Then I noticed a pattern: at some point, everyone took time off. Some expressed a sense of burnout. And one of my favorite bloggers, Sigrid, announced she was taking a few weeks off so I knew I wasn’t not alone.

I have a lot of interests, so it’s normal that I move from one to the next fairly regularly, but I’d put unnecessary pressure on myself to keep sewing even when it was obvious that I needed to do something else for a while. That stubbornness only prolonged my “blah” period. I was surrounded by projects but had ABSOLUTELY NO DESIRE to even turn on my machine. Instead I did a lot of reading, spent as much time as I could outdoors, watched movies and discovered some new programs on Hulu. I even developed an appreciation for British crime dramas – some of which are painfully bad.

I think it worked. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been missing my machine terribly. When I see all the beautiful clothes on other sewing blogs, I make lists in my head. Even my “To-Sew” board on Pinterest is seeing a lot more action.

Anyway, I was walking home from Manhattan and I decided to stop by a fabric store. I saw a couple of  lightweight fabrics that would make great maxi dresses – the quick and easy kind. I needed to ease my way back into sewing so I didn’t want to take on anything too challenging.

This is the first dress. Actually it’s Dress 2.0. The first one was slightly too short.  This one has pockets, a belt and bra guards.


Shirring on the shoulders

Sleeve gather


More bodice action!


Anyway, I’m glad I took my break because now I look forward to sewing and checking things off my list.


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One thought on “How A Sewing Break Helped Me To Get Excited Again

  1. OMG, first of all I love the print. I am glad you took a break to get your sewing mojo back. That dress is awesome, I would totally wear it.


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