I Needed Closure

Sometimes I forget that when I make changes to a pattern, the domino effect kicks in and I’ll have to make even more changes down the line. Case in point: my bralette top.

The original pattern closes with four buttons and I knew from the beginning that that wasn’t going to happen. My issues with buttonholes have already been discussed exhaustively so I won’t talk about them again here. (By the way, did I ever tell you that the buttonholer that came with my machine doesn’t work? Never, not once. I even called Singer and the representative spent about 30 minutes with me going over every possible problem and we couldn’t get it to work properly. Now if the manufacturer can’t get it to work, what chance do I have?)

Anyway, if I’m unwilling to make four buttonholes, you know I’m not going to make the eight or nine that this bralette would need so I decided on a zipper. I grabbed one from my stash and sewed it in. Now, some of you may already foresee the problem with this, but I didn’t until I tried to put it on. I couldn’t even get it over my shoulders because – yes boys and girls – I didn’t use a separating zipper! I don’t have one in my stash either, but you know what I did have? Hook and eye tape!


So I used it instead. It was late and I sewed the hooks facing the outside (doh!) but it’s really not a big deal to me and, more importantly, I refuse to pull the entire thing out again. Besides, this was supposed to be a simple project, remember?

Hook and eyes

The only things left to do are the straps and the hem and it’s DONE!

Another thing: as you can see from the picture, the h&e tape is exposed, and I’m going to pretend this was an intentional design detail but for future projects, I’ll have to remember to make the bodice back a bit wider so I have enough to make a flap to cover the opening. I’ll post pics of the finished project in my next post.


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