Bralette Top – in Gingham!

I’ve been working on this top for a few days and so far it’s coming along nicely. The hardest part was doing the FBA. I thought I might be able to avoid it since the cups looked like they’d be a bit roomy, but I was wrong. There was quite a bit of slashing and spreading to get from this


to this


but I finally got it to fit well. I still have to do the lining and close the back but here’s how she looks so far:


and here she is again with my new best friends – pattern weights courtesy of the hardware store at 79 cents each


I’ve never been a fan of gingham, but for some reason, this year I like it. It’s such a summery fabric and it’s going to look fab with my yet-to-be-sewn white high-waisted skirt and capelet. Now I just need the right shoes…


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2 thoughts on “Bralette Top – in Gingham!

  1. I am have the same pattern on my cutting table, my daughter wants version A in pleather. Yours look great! I hope mine turns out as well. I will also be making a FBA and I am not really great at those.

    • Hi ksgentry,

      Thanks for the compliment! View A in pleather sounds really cute; I can’t wait to see it. FBA’s can be intimidating, and it’s a lot of trial and error, but eventually it always works out.

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