My French Jacket

I haven’t been blogging, but I HAVE been working. Kinda. I made a couple of skirts and I’ve been catching up on my knitting.

One of the things I’ve been working on is a French Jacket. Inspired by A Challenging Sew and Thewallina, I decided to fulfill my longtime dream of making a Chanelesque jacket (I can’t say it’s a Chanel without tempting fate and I really don’t need a cease and desist letter in my life right now.) Seriously, check out those blogs. Amazing.

Also, I stalked the Artisan Square sewing forum frequented by of the wonderful and amazing Ann Rowley of the Great British Sewing Bee (Please, oh please can we replace one of those dreadful housewives “reality” shows with this one?). Anyway Ann made her own from jacket and was generous enough to document the process in Flickr. I love her.

I’m using those sources plus Claire Shaeffer’s Cardigan Jacket book and DVD and my old issues of Threads to guide me. Craftsy has a class called the Iconic Tweed Jacket, but I haven’t bought it yet. Honestly, I’m on the fence (plus I heard rumors that Susan Khalje – my sewing fairy godmother and badass extraordinaire – is working on her own DVD. I’m almost embarrassed at how excited I got when I heard she was doing it.)

So back to my jacket. The hardest part was finding the right material. Since it’s for spring, the fabric had to be light, but also classic enough so that I wouldn’t get tired of looking at it. I had big dreams of a fun, springy bright bouclĂ©. After days of looking for the perfect fabric, I decided on basic black cotton bouclĂ© from Mood. Yeah, I know, but at least I got a fun lining.


I’m using Vogue 8804 because it seemed a bit more challenging than 7975 and I want to push myself on this project.

PSA to other seamstresses: If you’re using V8804, piece number 14 (it’s part of the sleeve) should be graded. If your pattern piece is not graded, contact Vogue customer service and have them send you a new piece. I received my replacement piece within the week. Thanks to the wonderful women at my favorite sewing forum, Artisan Square for pointing this out.

Next time I’ll discuss my muslin and the changes I made.


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