Finally, the Coat

So I’ve kept promising pictures, and finally here they are.  Once again, no model.  I’m kicking myself because I found a good quality tripod on one of those flyers people put up but I LOST the number – and it was the last piece of paper. Blech. The search continues.


My bound buttonholes


I wanted to line it in hot pink so that when the pocket was open, it would have a pop of color


I hemmed the sleeve lining and coat lining by hand


And the lining. I love satin, but does the camera have to pick up every single wrinkle?


So there she is.  I learned so much while working on this coat and I’m very proud of it. The only problem I have is that it snags on everything (you can see some of the threads on the left side of the coat in the first pic. I have to figure out a way to weave them back in.) However, that’s a pretty small complaint for a coat that I absolutely love wearing – and might I add, I look great in it too!


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