My Precious

I want to introduce you to my new precious. I’ve wanted this book for well over a year, but I was waiting for it to get to a reasonable price. (The word “reasonable” is relative when it comes to out-of-print books though.)

Bridal Couture

I can’t even remember the first time I heard about it, but I think it was when Gertie mentioned how helpful it was to her. That’s when I knew I had to have a copy. I’m fascinated by garment construction and there are few things I love more than well-fitting clothes so I moseyed over to Amazon to buy a copy and was promptly stopped in my tracks by the prices.  That’s when it became my mission to find a cheaper copy. Now of course I could’ve bought the book on CD from Susan Khalje’s site for $39+ S&H, but I wanted, no I NEEDED, to have the book in my hands. I couldn’t find a copy locally for love or money until about a month ago when there it was on Amazon for $50 and I almost fainted from joy.

Now I haven’s spent that much money on a book since grad school, but I just had to have it. After a few days of going back and forth, I finally hit the “Checkout” button. The book was published in 1997, so there are some, ahem, interesting gowns such as this:


BUT, there’s so much useful information in this book and great diagrams like this:


that it’s worth every penny!  FYI, this book is mostly about specialty construction techniques for bridal and evening wear, but the techniques can be adapted to everyday sewing if you want to take your garments to the next level. As books go, this one is right up there with my copy of Claire Shaeffer’s Couture Techniques which I refer to regularly so I’m really happy I bought it.


2 thoughts on “My Precious

  1. You are lucky to have a found a copy! Like you I checked it out when I heard about it but backed out when I discovered how expensive it is to get one. It’s still on my wishlist though…

    • Thanks, I’m so glad I bought it. Unfortunately it’s become increasingly difficult to find these gems in old, dusty bookshops. Everyone is on Amazon or Ebay these days, but keep checking. I got lucky so you can too!

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