One of the reasons I named my blog Handmade in BK is because I couldn’t think of a name that covered everything I love to make. From time to time, I’ll be introducing another of my passions.  Today is shoe making. I love shoes and I love making them. At least I used to. I haven’t made a pair in years. Anyway, I decided to dig out my supplies and make a new pair of shoes.

So far I haven’t decided anything except that they’ll have a heel.

This is a shoe last (my picture is a little dark because it’s overcast today.) It’s basically the mold for the shoe. This one has an almond shaped toe and will accommodate a 2″ heel (once the heel’s in place, the toe will no longer be hovering off the ground as it is in the picture).

Shoe last

My last is covered with masking tape which I’ll use to make the final pattern. The next time you see this last, it’ll have my design drawn on the tape. Then I’ll invite you, my lovely readers, to witness the making of a pair of pumps.

Now I just have to figure out the design and the materials.  I’m envisioning tweed, but I haven’t seen the fabric I want – and I don’t even know if it exists. But, as always, I’ll figure it out.


One thought on “Shoemaking

  1. How cool is this? You truly will be able to open the closet door and exclaim, “Yup, I made them; made them all.”
    Years ago I purchased a how-to book for shoe making, read it cover-to-cover, and politely put it on the bookshelf and there it collects dust, LOL. I am fascinated by the process and doubtedly will ever make them with all the other “stuff” I am interested in accomplishing (darn you, Payless, double duh).

    Seriously, it will be a joy to watch as your shoe creations come off the block. Please keep at it, AND keep us readers posted.

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