Fabric Belt

I needed a belt for my floral dress and I thought a nice red belt would break up the pattern and further define my waist. I found some great information at Coletterie and on Casey’s blog. Emboldened, I bought this kit for a 1″ belt:


I already had the material (stretch cotton) and a very stiff interfacing. I decided not to use the prong that came with the kit because I’d have to make eyelets and I thought the belt would look better without them.


The slashes on the paper backing are guidelines for cutting the fabric.


This is what it looks like after the fabric is applied


Then you peel the paper off the other side and wrap it around the buckle.  I meant to take more pictures but I was in the zone.


Next was the actual belt. First I decided to make faux belting from the interfacing.


Then I got greedy. Since the material is stretchy, I thought it might be better (and easier) to just fuse the interfacing to the fabric and turn it. Big, huge, massive mistake. It took me THREE HOURS to turn the belt because the interfacing was so stiff. It would’ve been faster to just go to the store, but anyway I soldiered on and this was the result.


In the picture, it looks a bit wonky because of the interfacing, but when it’s on, there are no ripples. Next time I’m definitely buying belting or trying my faux belting method.

Here’s a better view of the buckle and the end.  Did I mention that I didn’t sew the end before I turned the belt and it almost caused me to cry when I realized how much more difficult it was going to be to finish it?  If I didn’t, then that’s good because I don’t like to whine.


Anyway, the important thing is it’s done and as I thought, it looks amazing with my new dress that I’ll be wearing to brunch soon.


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