Wait, What Is This?

I needed a hook and bar closure for one of my skirts.  No big deal, right? Well I thought so too. So I went to my local fabric store and asked for a package of skirt hooks. When I got home and started to open the package, I noticed that it wasn’t what I expected. I thought I’d bought these:


but what I bought were these:


I had no idea how to use these. I just kept staring at the package because I couldn’t even understand why “no-sew” hooks and bars were even invented. I mean they’ve been the same forever and everything was gravy.

Anyway, I finally got up the courage to try to use them. The instructions were a bit confusing (understandable since there’s not a lot of room on the back of the package), but the basic premise is that you push the prongs of the hook or bar through the fabric and then bend the prongs to hold it in place.

I did get them onto the waistband, but I’m not convinced that they’re as sturdy as the sew-on ones. I’ll just be careful to avoid these “no-sew” products in the future.  I like my old-school notions just fine.


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